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imageDit doet hij met de onderbouwing van nieuwsberichten en technische analyses. Het is tijd om even te kijken naar het laatste nieuws. Op deze manier ben jij binnen een paar minuten bijgepraat over de laatste belangrijke gebeurtenissen omtrent crypto. In deze video behandelt Axel de laatste ontwikkelingen in de crypto markt.

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Stephan Livera: Right. And btc I think you're also making the point there that it's not a onetime shot attack in order to do this sort of attack. It's a sustained expenditure enough that people, I guess, BNB lost faith in the idea of Bitcoin ever coming back.

Yan Pritzker: So that would cause Bitcoin to produce blocks too quickly, right? So we know exactly how many Bitcoins are going to be assured at any given time. And one of the most important things about Bitcoin is it's credibility with us monetary policy. Remember the idea is that Sitoshi program then this every four years, we reduced the block interval and we want to, we want Bitcoin to take a long time to actually distribute all the way to the end, actually it will be somewhere in the year 2140 that will finish distributing it. So if every time the price goes up and more miners, want to mine, and we started doing producing blocks too fast, that's, that's an issue, right? We're gonna violate that issue with a schedule. We know exactly how many total there will be and all these kinds of rules, right?

Bitcoin ABC (Adjustable Blocksize Cap)- this faction enjoyed the support of Bitmain chief Jihan Wu and "Bitcoin Jesus" Roger Ver, and wanted to retain the BCH block size at 32MB (the block size had been increased to 32MB in 2018), as they believed that the network didn’t scale enough at that point.

Dit is echter een schrale troost voor alle mensen die zo veel geld verloren met deze investeringen. Inmiddels heeft de koers zich wel al een beetje herpakt, vergeleken met gisteren is de waarde met 17% gestegen.

So we're creating this new type of money and the question is how do we distribute it, quote unquote, fairly? What really happens with mining is that we are creating a lottery system because we need a way to distribute Bitcoin, BNB right? Well, we could have a bunch of people, you know sign up to, to receive it and we can give it our names and you can say, you know, my, I'm Stephan, here's my proof of ID. But the idea of of Bitcoin is that there is no central party in charge of the distribution. And so who is going to be responsible and giving out this money? I think again, to dispel the myth of this kind of complex equations thing that you hear about in the media mining is not a mathematical problem that needs to be solved. Yan Pritzker: Yeah, for sure.

Vandaag gaan we het hebben over de lancering van LUNA 2.0, een stablecoin loterij in China, en natuurlijk het treurige record van de bitcoin koers. De koers van bitcoin is 9 weken achter elkaar in het rood gesloten, net als een groot gedeelte van de altcoins.

This indicates that miners are leaving the Litecoin network, making it susceptible to "51%" attacks. Over the last few years, BCH’s hashrate has been consistent while Litecoin’s hashrate has been constantly decreasing.

image– E-Hash2 is a hash in which we brute force the second half of the PIN. – PSK1 is the first half of the router’s PIN (10,000 possibilities) – PSK2 is the second half of the router’s PIN (1,000 or 10,000 possibilities depending if we want to compute the checksum. The function is HMAC-SHA-256. We just do 10,000 because it makes no time difference and it’s just easier.) – PKE is the Public Key of the Enrollee (used to verify the legitimacy of a WPS exchange and prevent replays.) – PKR is the Public Key of the Registrar (used to verify the legitimacy of a WPS exchange and prevent replays.) – E-Hash1 is a hash in which we brute force the first half of the PIN. – HMAC is a function that hashes all the data in parenthesis.

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